Inspiring Teacher

Special page to write a story and a poet that inspiring you

September Poems

The Creation of Teachers

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Parent / Teacher Poem

How to Tell if You are a Real Teacher

Thanks For…

1872 Instructions to Teachers

Don’t Quit

A Message of Thanks for Teachers

Power of Teaching

An Analogy for Education

Educator’s Pledge

Are you a Mean Teacher?

You Want Heroes?

Horse Story (an analogy)

Laugh Lines

Pretty Good…Good Enough?

The Teacher

Teacher’s ABC

The New Survivor Show

Inspirational Quotes

A Teacher’s Kit for Living Everyday

You’re a Teacher!

I Am A Teacher When God Created Teachers

Thankful Thoughts

The Week Before Christmas

New Year’s Inspirations

Insights on Love

March Poetry

Poems about Teachers

Ode to the End of the Year

Quips and Jokes

Summer Poems

Funny Facts from Students

Back to School Humor

Pumpkin Poetry

Quotes for Thanksgiving

Snow Poetry

Christmas Jokes and Riddles

Tips on Love

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Spring Has Sprung!

Out of the Mouths of Babes…

Old Jack a Pumpkin Story

Back to School Teacher Blues

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